Drill of The Week

RMGC Outlaw League

July 24th, 2019|

RMGC Outlaw League Join us Wednesday, May 13, 2020 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm $15.00 per person Visit our website @ www.rmgcgj.com under Classes/Events to register.




Drill of the Week (DotW) is a weekly ‘drill’ that is curated by RMGC Staff. These drills are intended to encourage you to expand your shooting skills. The scoring and pass/fail conditions are for you alone. These scores are not aggregate nor do they help in determining a winner of the overall contest. These are open to ALL shooters. Nonmembers will need to purchase their DotW target for $1 unless otherwise noted.

Members are encouraged to shoot in the DotW. Members can substitute their normal free target per visit for the DotW target. Further targets are to be purchased for our normal rate of $1 per target.

To be entered into our contest, get your target, and the rule sheet. Shoot the drill and write your score, phone number and name on the rule slip. Hang the rules slip on the clothespin line near the Lounge. We will collect those periodically and tally them in a spreadsheet. This time around we will be counting Instagram entries. Please post a selfie with your target under our DotW post. Like our Instagram page at RMGCGJ. In other words, you can shoot the DotW as many times as you want each week, but only one will count per week as your entry for the contest.

We will be announcing the prize package at a later date so stay tuned.